Up-To-Date is an IT consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of IT solutions.

We primarily deal with IT consulting services for other businesses. Based on own consultants and a broad competence network, up-to-date provide highly qualified consultants for your business and your project.

Up-to-date consultants are committed experts who are passionate about their area of ​​expertise.

Project management and software development

Collaboration with customers on IT project management, software development, and configuration is our thing. We are creating solutions with web content management – cms, webshops, workflow, and apps.

We excel in ASP.NET development, everything Office and Sharepoint 365, Lotus Notes and Domino, and Nintex Workflow solutions.

Digital Skills

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Make a difference online

Around 25% of the world’s population shops online

And this number is increasing. If you are serious about your trade, you should be online too. At the least, you should have a page, that tells your customer how to get a hold of you. People, also your customers, …

Competencies / Let’s help with Sharepoint, Nintex and Lotus Notes


Ensure information to the right persons at the right time. Implement technical solutions to support your processes and get information at your fingertips about your organisation, your business and your processes. Transparency is key.

Office 365

Utilise Office 365 for more than standard word processing, spreadsheet and Powerpoint.

Sharepoint 365

Sharepoint is a great tool. You can easily create teams and spaces for your data. But just as with file shares, it quickly becomes difficult to keep an overview.

You need a plan and a strategy. We believe, we can help you!

Lotus Notes

Many years of experience make us the natural choice for sparring on Lotus Notes/Domino, whether it be development of applications or migration from Lotus Notes to other platforms. The latter can be quite a task. We can make the migration smoother either as advisors, project managers and/or technicians.

Lotus Notes has been the backbone for years in many organizations. A lot of information is tied up in Lotus Notes databases. Many feel that time has run out for Lotus Notes, but the move away from the platform can be challenging. We have done it, and are doing it. We got the experience and the knowledge to help your move – by giving your data a new home, so information is not lost in the process.

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